Innovation & Development

We like to take on courageous challenges by anticipating times and opening pathways that have not yet been explored.
This philosophy, combined with our respect for the environment, has led us to create NG50, an innovative Energy Saving System that moves the elevator using stored kinetic energy or by exploiting alternative energy sources.

Lampadina Ematic

We assist our Customers in the most advantageous technical and aesthetic choices through our design offices that combine the most futuristic hi-tech solutions with the attention to detail of a craftsman.

Check & Go seminars

Knowing how to grow and growing to know: this is the course of action that we have always followed, convinced that the perfect mix is the result of knowledge and experience.

That’s why training is a fundamental part of our business.

In addition to the internal training of our technical and commercial staff, we also take care of the technical updating of our Customers.

That’s why it was born Check&Go, a completely free two-day seminar that we hold several times a year in our factory.
Check&Go aims to deepen the knowledge of our products by customers.

We also run a mobile information campaign by organizing meetings throughout Italy, involving companies from the sector and leading personalities such as architects, designers, etc.

Cultivating talents: we and young people

Since its foundation, our company has been characterized by a marked aptitude to transmit knowledge to the new generations.
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Reference rules

All our equipments and semi-finished products are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with all the technical and regulatory standards in force in the elevator sector. Our company participates in the work of the Technical Committee of the specialized magazine “Elevatori”, together with correspondents from 170 other countries, for the unification of international regulations.